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Alfa Cotec Industries provides the best CED coating for both Aluminum and MS Components by using most advanced and environment friendly Water Based coating. A dip painting system ensures reach of paint at every corner of component having intrinsic shape as well.

ACI plant works by cathodic electro deposition method. It is a wet coating system to provide perfect corrosion protection for all metals. CED is a deposition of layer of primer coat on pretreated metal parts by dipping the components inside the positively charged paint bath. The coating is applied via electrodes.The loosely adhering material is washed away with the filtrate recovered from the cathode dip coating paint. This process is suitable for Dip or Continuous conveyor type production widely used in automobile and other bulk manufacturing industries.

To overcome the drawback of full dip primer application, electro-deposition of primer coating has become universal for a modern automotive paint shop called as (CED). In electro-deposition, charged particles from the paint emulsion move to Cathode (CED) under electrical forces. It happens during the period the body remains completely submerged in the paint bath. In anodic system, the body is made positive electrode. In Cathodic system, the body is made negative electrode,. The direct current established through the bath makes the pigment and resin base of the paint wander towards the body surfaces. Ultra-filtrate (UF) equipment is used for condensation of ED paint ingredients to form film and separation of those not forming film. Filtrates of the ingredients that do not form film are used in a multiple cleaning process as a solution to clean out surplus paint adhered to electro-coated body. As the film formed has high resistance, so further deposition ceases. Coating reaches all the recessed area. Deposited film does not re-dissolve. However, the undeposited material is rinsed. Neutraliser in the system is controlled. The film is compact almost touch dry with high solids. Deposited film after stoving becomes hard, durable polymeric film.

Features of ACI Plant

ACI plant is equipped with the advanced series.

  • The pretreatment chemicals that we are using in the process are also of latest series which gives excellent coating.
  • The plant is PLC controlled.
  • In the CED tank, we have made the arrangement of rocking of the body to take care of release of any air pockets.
  • Plant is 100% environment friendly.
  • We have special featured installation of electrodes in  CED tank to take care of uniform DFT .

The major steps in CED Process are

  • Pre-Treatment
  • CED
  • Ultra Filteration
  • Curing

Advantages of ACI CED Process

  • Fully automatic operation, including the facility of controlling film thickness
  • More uniform coating
  • Better coverage in box and interior surfaces
  • Deposition of film of comparable thickness on the inner and outer surfaces of box section
  • Good coverage of sharp corners
  • Better penetration between spot welded surfaces
  • No runs and sag
  • No solvent boil
  • micron dry film buildup
  • Better chip resistance
  • Better corrosion resistance
  • Nearly no wastage of paint due to closed loop system
  • Superior in anti-pollution, safety, health hazard
  • Increased throwing power(about 50% more) with better capability for the paint to reach recessed and critical corrosion prone areas, which might not be possible with anodic system

.  Smoother film deposit as the film flows smoothly during baking, and so lesser necessity of rectification   work that ensures a smoother final finish

.   Less problem in maintenance of the quality of paint as the cathodic paint has a greater resistance to bacteria.

  • Aqueous process, hence free of fire risk.
  • And lastly highly reliable.

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