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Alfa Cotec Liquid Paint Shop fully conveyorized liquid shop equipped with latest technology. Both Heat Resistant Paints and stoving   paints are used for components painting.

Both the conveyorised line has application of three coats system with flash off zones. All paint booths are equipped with latest new Electrostatic Guns & Pumps & reciprocators system for maximum utilization of paints.

Electrostatic paint systems deliver paint that has been atomized by various methods, such as air-atomizing,

Airless, or rotary. The atomized fluid droplets are given a negative charge as they leave the spray gun. The

charge causes the paint particles to be “attracted” to the part, and if high enough, can cause the paint particles to actually reverse direction as they pass, coating the edges and back of the part (an effect called wrap-around), increasing transfer efficiency

Features of ACI Paint Shop

  • Colour spraging executed by air automising, electrostatic spraging through manual and automatic equipment.
  • A fixed rate of paint fluidity and viscosity is preserved with no sedimentation of slides to achive uniform paint thickness.
  • Controls in air supply system through central fresh air unit (CFAU) maintain the desire temperature and cleanliness of the air in the different portion of the painting booths, Tac Rag zone & Flash of zone.
  • Correct lighting inside booth that allow uniform light distribution
  • Superior designed and placed light fixtures installed at top of booth that guarantee best lighting conditions for painters
  • Long service life filters that considerably reduce frequency of replacement
  • The preferred oven design camel back type because of its capability to reduce fune spillage, energy loss and less exhaust volume
  • Meeting most of industrial finishing requirements
  • Allows continuous operation with minimum down time for maintenance
  • Allowing more continuous paint operations

A liquid painting system with the appropriate supporting equipment, such as the good pretreatment system separately for MS & Aluminum components. For low to moderate production volumes, outsourcing is an easy decision. It is the cost-effective way to obtain the advantages of a professional liquid paint application. However, when production volumes reach the levels which could justify an in-house system, the outsource decision for liquid paint becomes more than a normal “make or buy” decision, it is also a strategic decision. It means, becoming a coater. Considering an in-house coating system brings new meaning to the strategic question, “What is our business?”

Advantages of Liquid Painting

  • It can be cured quickly, resulting in faster production cycles.
  • The coating can be used to finish parts containing sensitive materials, such as a metal cylinder with a rubber seal, because it does not require dramatically high temperatures to dry.
  • It can be used to finish very large parts that are not able to fit into an oven or can’t be moved easily.
  • It provides an automotive-quality finish .
  • Faster color changes or when a wider variety of color shades are required.

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