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Alfa Cotec Industries have been the leading service provider for the polyamide coating which is required on the components where the co efficient of friction plays a major role.

Polyamide coatings are specialty powders obtained from renewable ressources. Polyamide  Fines Powders show outstanding performances such as anti-corrosion, chemical, impact, abrasion, graffiti resistance.

ACI facilitates the application of polyamide coatings in the automotive industry to increase economic, quality and environmental reasons. A variety of parts, some visible but many more inconspicuous, require extra protection as well as a decorative finish.

Many small items used in automotive industry are concealed, but require tough and resistant coatings as they are subjected to severe operating conditions. One of the shortcomings of many
commercially available powder coatings used for small parts like screws, clips, springs, staples or safety belt buckles is their poor edge coverage. Impact strength and abrasion resistance are critical in most applications, both to ensure a long lifetime for the coated parts and to reduce rejects after manufacturing
and shipping.

The advantage of this coating technique is to avoid hanging points while fully protecting small parts, with very good productivity.

Advantages of fluidized BED Coating Process

  • High Film Thickness can be applied in one application and curing cycle.
  • Low Surface Friction
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Resistance to scratching, impact (high), abrasion / wear. chalking, corrosion (excellent), solvents and weathering.
  • Noise and Vibration Dampening.

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